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Stand with Walmart Workers on Strike

Petition by Brian Young

Sign the letter letting the Walmart workers know you stand with them and telling Walmart that those workers have our support!

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Petition text:

Dear Organization United for Respect at Walmart Members,

Congratulations on your brave action! I support your calls for Walmart to stop its unlawful attempts to silence and intimidate workers for practicing their right to free speech.
I stand with you through your strike. The rights we hold dear in this country were bought by groups of people standing up for what's right. Walmart's treatment of its workers is bad for all Americans, and we stand with you in the fight for a more prosperous and just economy. Our country works best when everyone shares in its prosperity, not when too much of the money is concentrated in too few hands.   

Thank you for standing up and demanding fair treatment and an end to illegal retaliation.

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