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Petition to Rob Walton

Respect Your Employees Right to Speak Out

Petition by Jamie Way

Sign below to tell Rob Walton to end retaliation against workers who speak out for change.

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Petition text:

Dear Rob Walton & Walmart Executives:


For over a year, Walmart workers and workers throughout Walmart’s supply chain have been coming together to speak out for change. They have called on the company to ensure safe working conditions, adequate hours, sufficient staffing, a living wage, regular schedules, and above all, respect in the workplace.


Instead of listening and learning from your workers, you have sought to silence them and retaliate against those who dare to speak up. Warehouse workers who work for your contractors have also experienced retaliation for speaking out. Now, your workers and our communities have had enough.


Walmart makes close to $16 billion in profits and its executives brought home more than $10 million each. Six members of your family, who own half the company, are worth more than the bottom 42% of American families combined.  Those profits are made by keeping all workers in poverty.


We call on you to immediately end your illegal retaliation against Walmart workers who speak out for change and mandate your warehouse contractors to do the same. You must improve standards for Walmart's retail, warehouse and supply chain workers now.



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