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Here at the Corporate Action Network, we are the hub for campaign support in your work to fight corporate abuse. We’re glad that you are fighting this fight and our mission is to give you the right tools you need to make a difference.


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We offer tools and support in the four key areas of research, technology, strategy and litigation.


Data is critical when fighting against abusive practices by corporations. Often, campaigns and organizations don’t have the capacity to do the type of deep research that is needed to provide all the evidence and data to make your case against your corporate target. We also understand that access to data isn’t enough. Our research team will provide you in-depth reports with the kind of specificity and analysis that will make your campaigns stronger.


Beyond identifying abuses, Corporate Action Network seeks to identify and support whistle-blowers. We want to connect whistle-blowers with activists and organizers to be sure that their voices are heard and amplified.


Our experts will do the work you need to provide you with comprehensive findings, data, statistics, and information specific to your campaigns.


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Corporate Action Network’s core team of seasoned organizers is available to provide insight and strategic advice in collaboration with partners to build and expand your campaign targeting specific acts of corporate abuse.


We want to help you implement an integrated, cohesive, and results-based strategy to win your campaign against corporate abuse. What does that mean? We will help you come up with a realistic plan to reach your goals; we will connect you to key partners you need to build your power and influence; and we will provide expert insights, measurement, data, and the tools you need to win.


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Corporate Action Network Action Center provides a suite of powerful, easy-to-use technology tools to get into action right away. Unlike other do-it-yourself tools available, Corporate Action Network tools allow you to keep the benefits of your own organizing. For example, if your campaign generates email addresses for a petition or gets a lot of sign-ups for an event, you can download the data you gather.


We will also give you support in using the Action Center's tools. From our Help Center that's available to all to direct strategic support given to our partners, the Corporate Action Network helps you create powerful digital campaigns that leverage today's social networks. The Action Center tools give you the ability to create open, networked campaigns in a new paradigm of campaigning.


Corporate Action Network has proven that we can give your work the boost you need to win real victories. Check out our work with partner group, OUR Walmart, on the Black Friday strikes.


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The Corporate Action Network is building a network of plaintiff law firms with the expertise to develop successful litigation against specific acts of corporate abuse. This network will be an important resource as we help our allied organizations and individuals develop litigation strategies.


In addition, the Corporate Action Network technology platform will provide a secure outlet for whistleblowers and others who have confidential information regarding corporate abuse. Once contacted with such information, the Corporate Action Network will review the information and consult with various plaintiff attorneys to develop appropriate legal strategies.

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