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Stop the Frack Attack: June 3rd-9th Week of Action

Throughout the country activists are engaged in different battles against fracking and oil and gas drilling while campaigning to reduce harm from the industry in places where oil and gas is deeply entrenched. We are working to prevent the construction of new pipelines, compressor stations and gas export terminals, and to enact fracking bans or moratoria wherever we can. This growing movement is having an impact. More and more people in all walks of life are asking hard questions, learning the truth about fracking, speaking up and taking action.

As the oil and gas industry moves to build numerous new pipelines and compressor stations to facilitate the export of natural gas, we are standing on the precipice of another oil and gas rush. It’s time for us to show our united stand against the destruction this fracking and drilling brings.

Stop the Frack Attack is calling for local actions the week of June 3-9 wherever people are ready to take action or are already taking it against fracking.

The American people, the media and government decision makers need to see our determination, our unity, our deep roots and growing strength.

State governments and the federal government could act to protect us, yet too many elected officials are going along with the myth that oil and gas fracking is safe and that natural gas is a "clean" energy source that brings economic benefit. We know that the myth is false: every dollar spent on more oil and gas keeps us from moving towards truly clean energy and ending our reliance on fossil fuels . It destroys truly sustainable jobs and the development of economies that are based on healthy communities.

We know better and we have to tell everyone the real story. The out-of-control rush to drill is putting oil and gas industry profits over our health, our families, our property, our communities, and our futures. Our leaders must take action to stop the rush of unsafe oil and gas drilling.

Let's show the world how big our network has grown! Share photos of your action using the Stop the Frack Attack logo on the event's Facebook page! Download the logo here or make your own creative version of the logo.

If your organization is already engaged in a local campaign against fracking, let us know here [LINK] as you make plans to take action during the week of June 3rd. If your organization is not currently working on a local fracking fight, below are suggestions of the kinds of actions you can take during that week in concert with activists around the country.

It’s time to Stop the Frack Attack!

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