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Making Change at Walmart - Communities Stand Up

Making Change at Walmart is a campaign challenging Walmart to help rebuild our economy and strengthen working families.

Anchored by the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW), we are a coalition of Walmart workers, small business owners, religious leaders, community organizations, union members, women’s advocacy groups, multi-ethnic coalitions, elected officials and ordinary citizens who believe that changing Walmart is vital for the future of our communities and our country.

In your community and communities all over the United States, people are coming together to raise their voices about the impact of Walmart in our neighborhoods.

Across the nation, coalitions are forming out of concerns about Walmart’s history of broken promises to communities and workers. Members of these coalitions understand that Walmart often says
one thing, and does another. In Chicago, a company spokesperson agreed to raises within a year, but moments after a zoning vote turned around and said there was no such deal. That’s why many
communities are refusing to welcome Walmart as a neighbor unless the company agrees to sign a legally binding Community Benefits Agreement. Others are simply telling Walmart that it isn’t
welcome at all.

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