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Freedom Watch

For those who want to be more active on the internet as political watchdogs, and to spread awareness of some of the gross injustices and wrongdoing that we, the American people are suffering from (i.e. government surveillance like PRISM), and that many of our government's actions are scary and ethically wrong; and how corporations and private banks have become integrated with our nation's government to the point where entities with private interests who are motivated by selfishness and greed are not only making influential 'suggestions' but are in fact, helping dictate laws and political events. If we band together, they cannot begin to match our numbers. They may be very wealthy and powerful, but we are very, VERY numerous. Additionally, once made aware of the stark reality of these problems; we are not idiots. We recognize the fact that such actions are crimes against us as people and citizens of the planet, and as children of God and now that we know more about what they're trying to get away with; we resolve to make every effort to stop them through communication, education and non-violent protest.

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