Catalist and Action Network to Partner

Press Release | Contact:Levana Layendecker, [email protected]

Washington, D.C. - Catalist and The Action Network today announce that they are teaming up to help enhance online organizing options for the progressive movement.  This natural strategic partnership will help integrate essential voter data from Catalist inside the online communication tools provided by The Action Network to progressive organizations. Both organizations are committed to expanding grassroots organizing capacity all across the progressive landscape.

Catalist provides progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people its clients need to persuade and mobilize. Corporate Action Network uses a networked model of organizing that facilitates working with other groups, sharing lists and the fruits of organizing efforts, and taking campaigns to scale together. By combining the power of these two powerful firms, progressive organizations and campaigns will be able to take strategic campaigns to greater heights than previously imagined. Read More →

Action Network Releases New Fundraising Tool, Triples Activists on network in first three months

Press Release | Contact:Levana Layendecker, [email protected]

Sample fundraising page:

Washington, DC - The Action Network, a new online tool set, launched a new fundraising tool this week, heralding a breakthrough in grassroots fundraising. The new tool, available to individuals and small groups for free, allows organizers to raise money for their campaigns or others and can be embedded on any website.

Action Network President Brian Young said, “We have a mission of empowering progressive organizing at all levels, and this fundraising tool does just that. It’s incredibly easy-to-use, it’s robust and powerful enough for enterprise level fundraising, and the flexibility of the embed technology creates all new possibilities for organizing. It’s truly an out-of-the-box solution for fundraising for any size organization.”

Since the launch of the free tool set, Action Network has tripled the number of activists using the platform for their online activism. Read More →

Gamechanging Online Platform Reimagines Progressive Political Organizing

Press Release | Contact:Levana Layendecker, [email protected]

Networked Model to Provide More Organizing Capacity, Online Tools Free to Individuals and Small Groups

Action Network LogoWashington, DC - Today the Action Network will launch a gamechanging platform of online tools to provide real organizing capacity to progressives. The Action Network is an easy to use, comprehensive online tool set that will allow groups to work together in new ways and will make progressive campaigns stronger and more effective.

Take a look at the new tool set here:

Action Network President, Brian Young, explains, “By leveraging a networked infrastructure that allows groups and individuals to create more flexible ways of working together, organizers can build campaigns on a larger scale than possible with traditional coalitions.” Read More →