Catalist and Action Network to Partner

Press Release | Contact:Levana Layendecker, [email protected]

Washington, D.C. - Catalist and The Action Network today announce that they are teaming up to help enhance online organizing options for the progressive movement.  This natural strategic partnership will help integrate essential voter data from Catalist inside the online communication tools provided by The Action Network to progressive organizations. Both organizations are committed to expanding grassroots organizing capacity all across the progressive landscape.

Catalist provides progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people its clients need to persuade and mobilize. Corporate Action Network uses a networked model of organizing that facilitates working with other groups, sharing lists and the fruits of organizing efforts, and taking campaigns to scale together. By combining the power of these two powerful firms, progressive organizations and campaigns will be able to take strategic campaigns to greater heights than previously imagined.

“We are very impressed by the polish and potential of The Action Network tools – they are intuitive, user friendly, low cost, and incredibly flexible.   These tools can be easily and quickly embedded in existing communication platforms.  The power integration of Catalist inside the Action Network software tools adds even more power and precision to their communication capacities,” said Gayatri Bhalla, COO of Catalist.

“We couldn’t be happier about this partnership,” said Action Network President Brian Young. “Catalist is the progressive leader in the world of database services and solutions, and we’ve modeled our innovative, mission-driven structure on Catalist’s trail-blazing approach. The fit is perfect with our organizer-focused toolset, and we can’t wait to start bringing Catalist’s rich database to Corporate Action Network users.”


About Catalist
Catalist ( maintains and constantly updates a complete national (50 States, plus the District of Columbia) database of over 280 million voting age persons (more than 185 million registered voters and 95 million unregistered adults). Serving the progressive community, Catalist brings powerful web based analytics tools and a high quality voter database of all voting‐age individuals in the United States to progressive organizations and campaigns.

About the Action Network
The Action Network is a fully featured online tool set that is free to individuals and small groups. The tool set helps groups to collaborate with allies on joint actions easily and keep their own data. Action Network is a mission-driven nonprofit ally.

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