Case Study: Uniting networks into national action with Home Defenders League

Building a national campaign from local action and individual stories

In 2012 the Home Defenders League approached the Corporate Action Network for assistance and support to tie together the network of groups working on housing justice. CAN helped the Home Defenders League with tools and strategic assistance to create a real online presence that allowed the group to organize in a large scale way.

First, homeowner stories were gathered and published on a jointly produced tumblr site called 100 Stories of What Wall Street Broke.

The homeowners who told their stories were organized to participate in a week of action in Washington, D.C. A number of groups participated including, Alliance for a Just Society, Action for the Common Good, Occupy Homes and others. Using CAN tools and support, the groups united to release a report, bring over 100 homeowners to Washington D.C., and fight local fights for homeowners fighting foreclosure.

All this work culminated in a highly successful protest at DoJ, demanding an end to ‘Too Big to Jail’
From May 18 - 23, hundreds of homeowners, foreclosure victims, and allies from around the country went to Washington, DC to tell President Obama and the Department of Justice to bring relief to homeowners and hold Wall Street accountable.

At the end of the week, the sustained protest has made an impact. The media attention and coverage that the events received has been extensive and the homeowners are taking the fight back to their hometowns.

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