Case Studies

Standing Up for Walmart Workers

Walmart workers strike on black friday.For years, efforts to hold Walmart accountable for its abuse of workers were hamstrung by a simple question of scale: it was incredibly difficult to get action on a scale that would get the attention of the world’s largest private employer. As part of a broad effort to tackle that challenge, a coalition of groups taking on Walmart’s abusive labor practices formed a partnership with the Corporate Action Network to build a new style of campaign that could tap into larger networks than labor and provide cutting edge online support to increase the impact of the coordinated actions. The Corporate Action Network’s innovative campaign architecture, allowing a wide variety of different groups and individuals to own pieces of the campaign, made it possible for the campaign to reach heights never before achieved.


Uniting networks into national action with Home Defenders League

Bring Justice to Justice
In 2012 the Home Defenders League approached the Corporate Action Network for assistance and support to tie together the network of groups working on housing justice. CAN helped the Home Defenders League with tools and strategic assistance to create a real online presence that allowed the group to organize in a large scale way.