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Warehouse Workers Stand Up to Walmart


  • Tell Your Contractor to Reinstate Javier Rodriguez

    Until April 25 Javier Rodriguez worked as a forklift driver inside a critical Walmart-contracted warehouse in Southern California. Javier and his coworkers labor moving Walmart merchandise for low wages. Most warehouse workers are temporary employees with no benefits, no guaranteed hours and no sick days. They often encounter pollutants, high temperatures, little ventilation and intense retaliation if they complain about the conditions. Serious injuries on the job are common. Last fall, Javier and his coworkers went on strike to protest the retaliation they experienced when speaking up about unsafe working conditions. They launched a 50-mile pilgrimage from the dusty shadows of Southern California’s Inland Empire to Downtown Los Angeles. After dismissing workers’ claims about unsafe working conditions in the fall, Walmart told the Wall Street Journal it would step up monitoring of its domestic warehouses. Workers have seen no changes and now one of the most outspoken leaders has been fired. Please take action now -- workers like Javier should not be fired with impunity. We will deliver this petition to Walmart April 29.

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  • Tell Suppliers In Nicaragua to Reinstate Workers and End All Violence

    At one garment factory inside an export processing zone in Tipitapa, Nicaragua more than 8,000 workers produce camisoles, T-shirts and lycra clothing for Walmart and other retailers. They are paid less than $1 per hour. They are mistreated, regularly yelled at, denied trips to the bathroom and more. A courageous group of workers is fighting to improve their working conditions, demand respect and win better wages. They are trying to form a new union, but in the process they are experiencing extreme retaliation. Workers have been bribed and 16 have been illegally fired in the company’s efforts to silence them. On March 4 workers were brutally beaten during a peaceful protest when the company, SAE-A, paid a mob of more than 300 other workers to attack these employees, using scissors, metal pipes, and other weapons. Workers reported serious injuries including a broken nose, black eyes and stab wounds, and at least one case where the victim was stabbed in the face. According to a medical report, workers suffered severe bruising on their face, ears, necks, legs, arms, and torsos. Witnesses have also reported that other workers suffered broken ribs and a broken nose. *Details are based on the findings of the Workers Rights Consortium. You can learn more about their investigation of the violent attack here:

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  • Stop Stalling, Reinstate Workers Fired Illegally at the Walmart Warehouse in Elwood, IL

    Workers were illegally fired for organizing to improve conditions at the Walmart warehouse near Chicago. Walmart's contractor, Roadlink, broke the law. We demand that they live up to Walmart's Standards for Suppliers and reinstate the workers immediately and that Walmart enforce its own Standards for Suppliers.We need to stop illegal retaliation for organizing in the Walmart supply chain! We need you to join us in calling on Roadlink to settle the unfair labor practice charges and reinstate me and my co-workers with pay now.

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  • Enforce its Standards for Suppliers and ensure supply chain workers have a seat at the table.

    We are workers who move Walmart merchandise at a private warehouse in Chino, California. Just a couple of weeks ago the state of California ordered the warehouse owner to repay us more than $1 million in stolen wages. The California Labor Commissioner determined the warehouse operator, Quetico LLC, had shorted our paychecks and those of more than 800 workers.We are so happy that justice has been served, but we continue to risk our jobs just because we blew the whistle. The company is denying it did anything wrong and appealing the state’s ruling. In the meantime we are worried about retaliation and losing our jobs. We don’t know if we will be fired. Walmart has done nothing.You can help us. Sign our petition to Walmart.

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  • Warehouse Workers Stand Up to Walmart and Demand to be Heard

    Co-sign the letter demanding these workers be heard!

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