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Stop the Frack Attack: Gasland 2 Screenings

After 26 actions during the Stop the Frack Attack month of action, it's over. With an action almost every day, we helped build our grassroots network and build the power we need to challenge the oil and gas industries attack on our communities and democracy.

But all that work was tiring, and now it's time to relax and watch a movie! Gasland II is showing on HBO Numerous times this month and we are hosting house parties all over the country. You can sign up to host a screening here and view existing screenings?

Some of the major highlights this month were the New York Crossroads Rally, our ever growing petition asking Gina McCarthy to stand with impacted communities, and a flotilla against LNG exports in Senca. We also had a major victory in Pennsylvania when the PA Democratic party added a fracking moratorium to the party platform, led by STFA Member Group Berks Gas Truth.

The work we are doing can be daunting, and the best way to get over that daunting feeling is to pop some popcorn and watch a movie!

PS: Have you read the responses of some STFA Member Groups to President Obama's speech? Check it out here!

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