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Stand Up For Student Veterans

Fighting to hold For-Profit Universities accountable for abusive and exploitive behavior toward student veterans.

Increasingly, veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been targeted by recruiters for for-profit universities. Using aggressive and highly-questionable recruiting practices, and deceptive marketing materials, for-profit universities have succeeded in claiming a substantial share of federal spending on GI Bill benefits. But because these schools have much higher drop-out rates than non-profit universities, and because their course and degree offerings are often of questionable value even to graduates, many veterans have exhausted their one-time-only GI Bill benefits, and even taken on debt, often without gaining any meaningful enhancement of their skills or opportunities.

And if you are a veteran who has gone to a for-profit university, we want to hear about your experience! Please fill out the form here and help us get a handle on the issues; your responses will not be shared or made public.
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