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End Deathtraps for Bangladeshi Garment Factory Workers

Campaign Materials

  • Walmart Flyer for Managers


    Insert here a brief description of this document.

  • Steps for delivering letters to Walmart /GAP managers. 4/2013


    Use this handy 3 step guide with store locator links to plan your letter delivery!

  • Model Letter for Walmart Store Managers 4/2013


    Present this letter to the manager of your local Walmart store to demand Walmart take responsibility for worker safety, and to let Walmart leadership know people are paying attention all across the USA!

  • Take Action: what you can do


    Demand that they take responsibility for worker safety in Bangladesh and throughout their supply chain. Download this document to find out what actions you can take to support Walmart workers and end deathtraps such as the Bangladesh factory fire.

  • Visual Diagram Depicting Walmart's Orders to Tazreen Garment Factory in Bangladesh


    Chart showing Walmart's orders through three subcontractors

  • Walmart Production Order Documents - Tazreen Factory in Bangladesh


    Documents including production orders from Walmart/Sams Club to supplier Tazreen garment factory in Bangladesh

  • Walmart Deathtrap Poster


    Download this poster to use in constructing your shrine to draw attention to the the lives tragically lost and to the Walmart business model that drives widespread disrespect for the safety, human rights and dignity of Walmart workers worldwide.

  • Sample letter to the editor


    Download suggested language here for a letter to the editor to report your action and share images from your shrine

  • Instructions to install a memorial shrine


    Download instructions here for how to install memorial shrines to the victims of the Tazreen factory fire at a Walmart near you.

  • Walmart: Deathtrap for Sweatshop Workers


    Download this to get facts on the Bangladesh Factory fires that Walmart doesn't want you to know

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