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Global day of solidarity

Join Workers Around the World as they stand Up to Walmart

Inspired by all stripes, together with artists, musicians, actors, bloggers and community and on-line organizations, and unions all lent their talents to support striking Walmart workers and call on the company to change.  Many on-line organizations – some who had never encouraged their members to do so before - helped drive their membership to join local actions at nearby Walmart stores or donate to the strike fund.  

Now workers and their unions in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, South Africa, United Kingdom, Zambia and the United States are, fighting back by joining together to demand change at Walmart through the UNI Walmart Global Union Alliance. The Alliance is committed to building a strong network among its members to fight for fairness, decent working conditions and a voice for all Walmart workers.

Join the actions by searching for events on the right, or downloading materials here.

 Don't forget to send pictures and videos to [email protected] thanks! 


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