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End Retaliation Against Walmart Strikers- Puget Sound

The gloves are off. Over 100 Associates from the Organization United for Respect at Walmart completed the first ever prolonged strike last month. They caravanned by bus from around the country to Bentonville, Arkansas where they participated in several actions that culminated in proposing two resolutions at the Annual Shareholder's meeting. Upon returning associates have met  with retaliation ranging from being "talked to off the record" to be coached officially and even fired. 12 workers have been fired so far and over 30 have been disciplined. These workers were exercising their constitutional right to free speech and are covered under federal law. Many of these punishments will not stand. We have already filed unfair labor practices, but in taking punitive action, Walmart is re-inforcing a culture of fear and silence.

We must not remain silent. Our message to Walmart: we have rights, we will not be intimidated, this retaliation will end. 

This is a message we will be reiterating throughout the next few months of actions here in Western Washington. Click on the events to join us in solidarity. 

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