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Congress: Restore Investment in Vital Services & Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share

Many hardworking Americans have already experienced the impact of the across-the-board budget cuts that took effect on March 1st. These cuts are real – Head Start programs are shrinking; housing programs are starting to deny aid and unemployment benefits are being slashed across the nation.

On August 14, when Members of Congress are on recess, they will hear from thousands of their constituents, who will deliver the message that its time to restore investment in these vital services and make corporations pay their fair share.

Together we can show our members of Congress what's at stake in our communities. 

Sign our petition urging Congress to restore investment in vital services here.

Find out about National Budget Day of Action events planned in your community. 


From American Progress:

Starting this week, more than 650,000 workers in the defense industry will face a 20% pay cut for the rest of the summer. These cuts are a significant financial hit to any household. Meanwhile, communities around the county continue to feel the impact of the sequester. Children are being kicked off their Head Start programs, seniors are losing meal service, and cancer and other medical research programs are facing cuts. The map below gives a snapshot of reports on how communities across the nation are being hit by the sequester.

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