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  • Kellogg: Remove GMOs from your products!

    Parents are trying to keep their families healthy in times when food allergies, autism, autoimmune diseases and other food-related health problems are skyrocketing. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) were released into our food supply without independent long-term studies to prove that they are safe for human consumption or the environment. The FDA doesn't oversee the nature or extent of the testing these GMOs undergo. Instead, they allow the companies that develop GMOs and profit from their sale to determine whether they are safe. Would they have any incentive to say that their own products are not safe? Companies, such as Monsanto, that create GMOs are the same companies that created toxic substances like DDT and Agent Orange (a chemical defoliant used in the Vietnam War) which have been found to cause serious generational disease and birth defects. These companies knowingly lied and told us that these chemicals were safe decades ago. Now, the same companies developing GMOs and the related chemical herbicides and pesticides are asking us to “trust them” with our food. In fact, there are increasing numbers of independent studies showing that these GMO crops and their associated toxic herbicides can have negative environmental and multi-generational human health consequences. Additionally, The Kellogg Company contributed $790,700 to pay for media propaganda in California to defeat Prop. 37, a 2012 voter ballot initiative that would have required the labeling of Genetically Engineered foods. Kellogg's doesn't want Americans to know that their products contain GMOs, such as Monsanto’s Bt Corn, an EPA registered pesticide that produces toxins in every cell of the plant, rupturing a corn worm’s stomach and killing them if they try to eat the corn. Kellogg, you agreed to make your Kashi products GMO-free by the end of 2014. America wants you to make ALL Kellogg's products GMO-free by that date. We want the same products that you sell in Europe and countries that require that GMOs be labeled. Please make your products GMO-free in America, too!

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