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RSVP to attend one of the listed rallies in the EVENTS section. No events happening in your city? Be a LEADER and host an event! We will help guide you through the process. To sign up to be a leader or for general inquiries please email us at [email protected]

What is a Honk-N-Wave? Check out the video of activists in Hawaii:

As a leader, you may also choose to have a rally at a grocery store or any location that you think is best. We think high car-traffic and/or high foot-traffic areas are best to raise awareness, as long as the area is public and safe.


You may ask, why Kellogg's? We began with and targeted The Kellogg Company, an American icon since 1906, because of its heavy marketing to children and its wholesome family image. While all people - children, teens and adults - should be concerned with their health, children are most vulnerable because their bodies are still developing. 

Increasing evidence suggests that long term consumption of GMOs is harmful and that the escalated use of toxic herbicides and pesticides in GMO agriculture is compounding the problem. Additionally, Kellogg was chosen because they sell the same products abroad, in countries that require the labeling of genetically engineered foods,  but without genetically engineered ingredients. Americans deserve the same. 

If that's not enough, Kellogg's contributed almost $800,000 to the propaganda campaign that defeated Prop. 37, to label genetically engineered foods in California. Once a major company like Kellogg's agrees to remove GMOs, the dominoes will fall and other companies will follow.

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