Gamechanging Online Platform Reimagines Progressive Political Organizing

Press Release | Contact:Levana Layendecker, [email protected]

Networked Model to Provide More Organizing Capacity, Online Tools Free to Individuals and Small Groups

Action Network LogoWashington, DC - Today the Action Network will launch a gamechanging platform of online tools to provide real organizing capacity to progressives. The Action Network is an easy to use, comprehensive online tool set that will allow groups to work together in new ways and will make progressive campaigns stronger and more effective.

Take a look at the new tool set here:

Action Network President, Brian Young, explains, “By leveraging a networked infrastructure that allows groups and individuals to create more flexible ways of working together, organizers can build campaigns on a larger scale than possible with traditional coalitions.”

Action Network Technology Director, Jason Rosenbaum, added, “The tool set was designed by organizers for organizers to be extremely easy to use while providing all the power of a full-featured organizing platform.”

In the past year, Corporate Action Network Action Center, an affiliated group, has hosted campaigns for a variety of groups including Making Change at Walmart’s Black Friday Strikes.

Silvia Fabela with Making Change at Walmart is looking forward to the launch, saying, “We anticipate that the new Action Network tools will significantly enhance our ability to engage new supporters and grow our movement. After using Corporate Action Network Action Center tools to organize over 30,000 supporters across 1,200 Walmart stores for the first-ever strikes in the history of Walmart this past Black Friday in November 2012, we’ve helped to use what we learned from that, and subsequent events, to create the new Action Network tool set. Making Change at Walmart is excited to be part of this project that uses real organizer and activist experiences to build tools that work on the ground.”

VIDEO: Why the Corporate Action Network helped found the Action Network. (More details on tool set below.)


The Action Network is full featured and mobile ready. There is no training required as all tools are designed to be intuitive.

  • This tool set includes the following features:
  • A mass mailer to keep in touch with activists
  • A petition tool to create petition pages targeted at those in power
  • An event tool to collect online RSVPs for on-the-ground actions
  • Public file storage for materials organizers need to distribute
  • Groups that allow organizers to work together
  • Campaign pages to collect different actions together into stunning action centers
  • A distributed event tool to allow large groups to ask activists to host their own events
  • Widgets to embed any action on any web page

Click here to download tool set screenshot images.


Good Jobs Nation Widget Petition.
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The Action Network provides widgets that allow any action to be embedded on any web site, breaking free of the technology silos of traditional organizing tool sets. This widgetized technology from the Action Network makes it easier for groups to work together because all groups on a campaign can use their own branding and content around a joint action, and they can share data from that action. The Action Network provides metrics to be able to see the performance of all sources of organizing.


The Action Network uses a networked model of organizing that facilitates groups and individuals working together - sharing lists and the fruits of organizing efforts - and taking campaigns to scale collaboratively. Organizers using the Action Network keep their own data and can use it or download it any time. The Action Network is also free to individuals and small groups.

The Corporate Action Network created the Action Network to provide a networked model to make progressive campaigns and campaigns against corporate abuse more effective. The Action Network, open to all types of progressive campaigns, is a progressive entity and will only support progressive campaigns.


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The Action Network is an online tool set and organizing platform. Our parent nonprofit, the Corporate Action Network, offers services like strategic advice and assistance running distributed and networked organizing campaigns, corporate target research, litigation and whistleblowing assistance, and more.


Corporate Action Network was founded to address the imbalance of power between corporations and people. Using the new tools of the Action Network and a networked approach, Corporate Action Network is building campaigns to end corporate abuse that are more effective and powerful than have ever been possible. Connected through the network, campaigns can then grow into a movement—and for the first time truly be able to address the imbalance of power between corporate actors and the rest of us.

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