About Us

Restoring balance between corporations and people.

The Corporate Action Network is working to restore balance to our economy and to create shared prosperity and a more just society. When corporations use their power, influence, and resources to harm workers, consumers of their products, or the environment, Corporate Action Network will activate a network of activists and organizations to hold corporations accountable to their responsibility to create shared prosperity.

Corporate Action Network, a project of the Action Network Fund, was founded to address the imbalance of power between corporations and people.  Using new tools and a networked approach, Corporate Action Network is building campaigns to end corporate abuse that are more effective and powerful than has ever been possible.

It’s time for something new.

Lots of groups are already doing great work and winning some campaigns to change corporate behavior. But then why is the imbalance of power getting worse? Something fundamental needs to change.

That’s why Corporate Action Network is building a whole new “network” approach to campaigning.

Corporate Action Network has a theory: by leveraging a networked infrastructure that allows groups and individuals to create more flexible ways of working together, organizers can build campaigns on a larger scale than possible with traditional coalitions. This networked approach will finally allow for truly long-lasting change, putting people on the same playing field as immense corporations.

We created the Action Network to help make this vision a reality, and we’re ready to help partners build innovative, powerful campaigns within this new model. The Action Network will make it easier to work together with other groups and benefit from each other’s work. All the groups and individuals maintain their own autonomy but work together toward common goals and against common targets.

Using our new online confidential forms to gather reports of corporate abuse from insiders and others, we can help identify actionable information and people affected by these abuses and then connect them to ongoing litigation.

Building a networked campaign.

Using the Corporate Action Network model and the Action Network tools, organizers can reach people where they are, getting word of important actions inside the networks they normally visit. Within these networks, activists, the media, and the general public will benefit from seeing all of the work of the multiple groups and organizers as one campaign all in one place, giving a sense in one glance of the full power and richness of the campaign. Connected through the network, campaigns can then grow into a movement—and for the first time truly be able to address the imbalance of power between corporate actors and the rest of us.

Campaigns without the burden of traditional coalitions.

With a traditional coalitional campaign, there’s always a tension between trying to make a coalition large or making it long lasting. Too much time is spent nurturing the coalition - time that should be spent growing the campaign. Current technology hurdles make it harder to work together and force bad tradeoffs, like the choice between forcing all groups and participants onto one site and losing local focus, or breaking them into different sites and losing combined metrics and a sense of solidarity.

The Action Network bridges that conflict by creating one campaign hub using a new widgetized technology that allows everyone to work together in a seamless fashion.

Improving performance with accountability.

Each group can track the performance of a campaign using the Action Network tools, and central organizers can get the full picture of the performance of everyone’s work. All the data on organizers and actions for your campaign are available in real time reports for campaign leaders to analyze.

The power of victim advocacy.

The Corporate Action Network also works to preserve and strengthen the rights of people to challenge corporate power in the courts. Powerful, targeted litigation can sometimes be the most effective tool for changing bad corporate behavior, and the largest corporations are pushing hard at every level to limit our rights in that area. The Corporate Action Network supports victims by building powerful public campaigns to win just settlements.

The kind of support you need.

The Corporate Action Network acts as your partner. We help where we’re needed, strategizing with you on how to get your campaign into new networks and where to leverage legal remedies to address issues.

We’re also giving campaigns the kind of support they need, whether it’s media and communications, litigation resources, grassroots training, or online organizing. We are constantly developing training materials, information resources, and tools to make your work more effective.

Our experienced organizers and researchers utilize the new tools in the Action Network to help organizations run campaigns that have the power to make a difference - campaigns that are more powerful than anything possible before.

At the Corporate Action Network, we take a comprehensive approach to supporting corporate accountability campaigns that win - because when corporations abuse their power, campaigns need the right tools to win.