Action Network Releases New Fundraising Tool, Triples Activists on network in first three months

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Sample fundraising page:

Washington, DC – The Action Network, a new online tool set, launched a new fundraising tool this week, heralding a breakthrough in grassroots fundraising. The new tool, available to individuals and small groups for free, allows organizers to raise money for their campaigns or others and can be embedded on any website.

Action Network President Brian Young said, “We have a mission of empowering progressive organizing at all levels, and this fundraising tool does just that. It’s incredibly easy-to-use, it’s robust and powerful enough for enterprise level fundraising, and the flexibility of the embed technology creates all new possibilities for organizing. It’s truly an out-of-the-box solution for fundraising for any size organization.”

Since the launch of the free tool set, Action Network has tripled the number of activists using the platform for their online activism.

Several high profile campaigns are currently using Action Network including UFCW’s Making Change at Walmart Black Friday Strikes and the Online Federal Budget Day of Action which led a coalition of groups including SEIU, the AFL-CIO, Daily Kos, Social Security Works, Health Care for America Now, Campaign for America’s Future, and others, successfully engaging tens of thousands of activists. The Action Network is an unique organizing platform that makes it easier for groups to work together and benefit from their own work. As a result, Action Network was recently nominated as a finalist in the New Organizing Institute Most Valuable Technology Award at the annual RootsCamp convention.

The Action Network uses a networked model of organizing that facilitates working with other groups, sharing lists and the fruits of organizing efforts, and taking campaigns to scale together. The networked model changes the paradigm of online organizing:

Organizers and groups using the Action Network keep their own data and can download it any time.

Widgets that allow any action to be embedded on any web site. Action Network’s widgetized technology makes it easier for groups to work together because all groups on a campaign can use their own branding and content around a joint action and they can share data from that action.

Provides metrics to be able to see the performance of all sources of organizing.

The Corporate Action Network created the Action Network to provide a networked model to make progressive campaigns and campaigns against corporate abuse more effective. The Action Network, open to all types of progressive campaigns, is a progressive entity and will only support progressive campaigns.



The Action Network is a fully featured online tool set that is free to individuals and small groups. The tool set helps groups to collaborate with allies on joint actions easily and keep their own data. Action Network is a mission-driven nonprofit ally.

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Corporate Action Network was founded to address the imbalance of power between corporations and people. Using new tools of the Action Network and a networked approach, Corporate Action Network is building campaigns to end corporate abuse that are more effective and powerful than have ever been possible. Connected through the network, campaigns can then grow into a movement—and for the first time truly be able to address the imbalance of power between corporate actors and the rest of us.

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